Watch: Lorch Left Mzansi Confused During Their Ceremony Yesterday As He Did This

This could be the main reason why people have not even seen the father of the baby in any video with the baby or anything of any sort. Many people have only seen Natasha with the baby and she has not even posted the baby with his or her daddy. The relationship is very confusing to many people as they do not understand why the couple is trying so hard to keep it low.




Some people have even conclude that that Natasha is trying to be free in that relationship and post, but her boyfriend who is currently her husband does not want to reveal their relationship to the public. As public figures it should not matter if it is known that they are dating or not because at the end of the day people will always stick their nose in their business. It would be better for them to hide other areas of their relationship but not the fact that they are dating.

The worst and funny part is the fact that they are not even following each other meaning they cannot even post or like each other posts.