WATCH || Leeto Gives Pretty Best Advice That Can Change Her Life In #SkeemSaam

WATCH || Leeto Gives Pretty Best Advice That Can Change Her Life In #SkeemSaam


Leeto has left mzansi happy he gave Pretty the best advice for the fist time Leeto give Pretty best advice. It’s now up to Pretty whether she takes the advice or she continues protecting Lehasa.

Leeto have told Pretty that she need to break up with Lehasa If she really care about her career. We all know that when it comes to a law you need to protect criminals and Pretty is too young to handle such baggage.

Pretty is trying to find out more information about the case of Lehasa. She recently finds out that Lehasa is Mr Banda but she’s not sure. Eunice have highlighted her about the file which was inside Fannie’s USB. Pretty is putting pieces together and she is digging Lehasa’s past. Lehasa’s surname is not actually his surname, he’s Banda not Maphosa.

Pretty have failed to listen to her best friend advicing her to break up with Lehasa. Many people has been advicing including her own family but she still choose not to listen. Pretty better choose herself

Soon we will be seeing Pretty breaking the law for Lehasa as an attorney. This is gonna be another #thewifeshowmax kind vibe. Lehasa wants to use Pretty becoming a lawyer for his own dealings.

Viewers has been saying that Pretty should leave Lehasa’s secrets and eat his money girl. She should be saying money since she does it have a place to stay. Remember she doesn’t have a home, her mother MaNtuli made her homeless.

Share your thoughts and views about the advice that Lehasa gave Pretty. Do you think she will take it not? What do you think she will do?