Watch: Faith Nketsi left fans wow with her outfit

Faith Nketsi is a South African influencer and reality TV star. She is renowned for her reality TV show known as Have Faith. This reality TV show certainly made her well-known in South Africa, as this show was watched by a number of people. Growing up she also was part of a dance group but as year went by she left the dance group.

In her Instagram page Faith lately posted a video of herself putting on an outfit which seemed to have stunned a number of people on social media. After seeing this video some people were even saying that this outfit that she put on was very cool. However other people loved the pants that she wore in this video, as some were also interested in having them as well.





However some people were impressed by her body, as some clearly stated that she has a great body. Some were also very impressed that she maintained her body even after she recently had a baby.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video Faith Nketsi posted.