Watch | Bonang Matheba Turned into a laughing stock after People noticed this on her Recent Video

Bonang Dorothy Matheba, is a South African television presenter and radio personality. Born in Mafikeng, North West, she is known for her flamboyant presenting skills and her signature voice. She presented the SABC 1 music show LIVE which built her spotlight in the industry.

Queen B is one of the few MZansi’s celebrities who had to enhance their beauty by doing plastic Surgery and it appears that she just did another one and didn’t tell her fans.

Yesterday it was exposed by MZansi’s entertainment journalist, Musa Khawula, that the Queen just bought a new nose. However, which made sense, because Queen B was staying in the US, for some couple of months, last year, meaning she could have done a nose reduction surgery, during her stay in New York.

However after Musa Khawula posted a video of Queen B saying that she did a surgery on her nose, Mzansi went to post her old picture’s saying that indeed she has a new nose, showing that her old nose was flat and big and the one on the video is cute and goes hand in hand with her small baby face.

However, that was music to the twitter president, who appeared to have a beef with Bonang as he went to grill her about her new nose.

The twitter president appeared to be disappointed in Bonang as he went to say that he was proud of her , because he thought she was representing South Africa in the US,making big moves and million dollar moves, but she only went there to get a new nose.

“All Along we were so proud as a country that she is in the USA to make big Moves and represent us. Kant uyothenga impumulo, he tweeted.

After seeing the tweet, people laughed at her saying that she’s a catfish, as they thought that she went to the US to make millions without getting a new nose. A lot of people were so shocked about the nose discovery and they went to laugh that maybe she feels like she’s not cute enough as AKA has moved on from her, to Nadia Nakai, so she’s marketing a new boyfriend.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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