Watch as Nadia Nakai and AKA get cosy on stage

Rapper couple AKA and Nadia Nakai got their fans in their feels with recent performance. Nadia was on the stage when AKA was performing his song Caiphus Song. Since Caiphus’s song is a love song and he and Nadia are dating, he sang it to her. He pulled her closer and gave her a cheek kiss. Nadia just blushed at the gesture.

Nadia and AKA danced to the song rhythmically and intimately. Fans in the crowd couldn’t stop going crazy over the couple. Currently, the two rappers are one of the most loved couples in the country. Many of their fans feel like their love is organic and look happy.

Previously both Nadia and AKA had very complicated relationships. The dirty laundry was for the whole country to see as public figures. Nadia’s breakups were public. AKA had cheating scandals, and his ex-wife committed suicide.

Caiphus Song

Caiphus Song is from AKA’s album Touch My Blood. He sampled the song from the legendary and iconic artist Caiphus Semenya. AKA sampled from the song Matswele, and the rapper made it a love song. When the Amen rapper released the jam, people felt it so much and commanded him the creation.

Singing his girlfriend the song he created years ago shows how romantic he is. We also have to note how gentle and affectionate he is towards her.



Nadia Nakai and AKA

Relationship goals

Currently, the two are serving hot relationship goals. Both of them are out and about securing the bag together. At almost every venue they perform in now, they perform together. Nadia and AKA take so many cute pictures together. They are giving Mzansi all the feels.

Both rappers fly away very frequently. Ever since they started dating, we can’t even count how many vacations they’ve been on together from when they were keeping things private to now. Let’s also not forget the time AKA purchased Nadia a Rolex watch.

Couple controversy

As cute as they are as a couple, the relationship started as very controversial. Firstly they had a very abstract relationship after one of their vacations. Both of them even unfollowed one another. AKA was still mourning for his wife when they got together.

Watch AKA and Nadia Nakai dancing together below: