Watch as Gogo Maweni Discovers an Unusual Animal in Her Backyard

Gogo Maweni, a native doctor and reality show star, believes that an unknown person is attempting to curse her. Maweni is well-known for her portrayal of a Sangoma.


Dr. Maweni posted a video of herself on numerous social media channels, in which she is seen cradling an owl that does not appear to be alive. In the video, she is seen holding it and saying that people should stop mailing her mail because she is powerful and they will not be able to damage her in any way if they do.

The video was first shared on Musa Khawula’s blog, where she talks about rumors and gossip. Dr. Maweni commented in the comments section that she was not to blame for its demise, but rather the items defending her yard were.

Users with various points of view on the subject contributed their ideas in the comments section. Some people protested that it was cruel to the animals, while others claimed that it scared her since she was violent.

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