Watch| Anele Mdoda body shamed by twitter user just because John Legend sang for her. See comments


Anele Mdoda, A popular tv personality was recently body shammed by Musa Khawula, a popular twitter bully. This happened after she posted a tweet about how John Legend himself sang a beautiful song for her. In a tweet he said, “I wish it’d blow you to the gym.” There is nothing more painful than bullied for who you are. Anele has suffered from these kinds of attacks quite a lot which goes to show that she does not entertain all the criticism. She is amazing just the way it is.

Musa Khawula is a gay influencer who is not liked by many. This is because his tweets about people are often filled with hate. Here are some reactions to this:



“Fact is, John Legend sang to her. We are no longer in your hate train for Anele. She’s winning in life and we’re going to celebrate her.”

“Musa you need to heal. This thing of of yours of ghosting people! It says a lot about you. You’re sick!! You’re not happy! People who are not happy they always want to make other people to feel sad.”

“JL sang to Anele, and no one probably no one like him sang to you. It’s a fact. Imagine carrying so much negative, always having to find something evil to say to anything positive, come on young lady”

“Physical exercise is beneficial not only to lose weight but also to improve fitness, physical & mental wellness. It also helps prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes etc. So, your advice to is sound.”

“Dude you are one BIG HATER for people who seems to be doing well, you really need help… Try visiting a therapist and offload all the things that’s causing your bitterness!!! It’s too much now!!!”

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