Watch: All Gogo Maweni Needs Is Your Picture, To Teach You A Lesson

Gogo Maweni is known for her appearance on Izangoma Zodumo, which played on 1Magic and showmax. She is a Sangoma who is proud of her calling, and doesn’t want shy away from using it.


She is married to her husband, who was previously reported to have cheated on her. She took to tiktok to speak on how she no longer physically fight for a man. She says she will use black magic on whoever is cheating with her husband. Maweni narrated how she would go on about doing it. Which is attached on the link below.

She has two well-known baby daddies, and things are not going well for both the baby daddies. The two men are Gogo Maweni’s baby daddies, allegedly. Not so long ago Gogo Maweni posted on her insta story, saying that if her babies don’t eat, no one will eat. What do you think about all this?