Watch AKA share a video of him dancing with his daughter Kairo

He is a good father

The love that AKA has for his daughter is really beautiful to watch. It seems like Kairo likes spending her time with her father because it they

are not playing tennis together, they dance together. Kairo is a good dancer because she is a ballerina.


AKA is always happy around her and they look like they are having a lot of fun. AKA says that he wanted to share this video on other social media pages just before he goes to work. He is a busy person but always makes time for his daughter.

I think there are many men out there who can have fun out there, and also have fun with their family. AKA can make his fans happy, as well as his fans. This video is really amazing and it is warming other people’s hearts out there. Big up to AKA.