Watch Actress Connie Ferguson showcase her dangerous kickboxing skills against a WBF World champion

Connie Ferguson is well known for her high fitness levels, which are unique given her age. Undoubtedly, Connie is one of the fittest actresses above 50, and she shows it in unthinkable ways. To keep fit, Connie does a lot of activities, with dancing at the top of the list. She was recently spotted dancing with her fellow compatriots Ngwao Boswa Culture Dance Crew, which amazed her fans.

The 52-year-old actress showcased her outstanding kickboxing skills leaving fans shocked. Undoubtedly, Connie took from her father a martial arts sensei. Despite her father being 86 years old, he displayed deadly moves on her birthday, leaving Mzansi shocked. This time, it is Connie who showed the Mzansi that she has impressive boxing skills. Her fans noted that you don’t mess with the Queen.

Watch The Queen actress Connie Ferguson showcase her outstanding kickboxing skills against WBF World champion Xolisani Ndongeni.

Connie Ferguson in the gym

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson showcases her outstanding kickboxing skills against WBF World champion Xolisani Ndongeni.

There is no doubt that Xolisani is one of the finest boxers in Mzansi, and for Connie to train with him makes her dangerous in the ring. The actress shared on her Instagram status expressing how much she missed boxing. Indeed the DSTV viewer’s Choice of favorite personality is seriously multitalented. She is a fine actress, a good dancer, and now a great kickboxer.



Ndongeni and Connie held a small chat before they went full swing, exchanging blows and blocking them. Connie vowed to Ndongeni that she would punch him with an uppercut as she went full throttle, attacking the composed boxer. Fans noticed Connie’s stamina as she shielded and withered Xolisani’s blows.

Watch Connie Ferguson’s kickboxing skills.

What does Connie Ferguson do to maintain a good body and shape?

Connie loves situps to keep in shape her core body and tummy. The 52-year-old actress is a big fan of the gym. She shared her pictures in the gym doing several exercises on several occasions. Over situps, Connie loves dancing as a form of exercise; she dances whenever she gets an opportunity, which has helped her to remain fit.

Connie also does road runs almost every morning before she goes out for work. In addition to her basic exercises, Connie does several other activities like push-ups and leg presses.

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