Was MaMkhize Mocking Her Stepdaughter Sbahle Mpisane By Publicly Calling Her Beyonce Or Was It A Jok

Do you know who Beyonce is? Of course you do know who Beyonce is, I mean even a 1 month old baby should know who Beyonce is, that is just how iconic the musician is.



Beyonce is one of those people that you just wish you were related to them, or even better, you wish you were friends with them because of how iconic they are and the kind of impact they have. As much as Shawn and her family are one of the richest families in the country and their lifestyle is envied by many but when it comes to Beyonce they are not even her competition, Beyonce has far surpassed them which was very strange when MaMkhize publicly referred sbahle mpisane to as Beyonce seeing that sbahle is not a musician nor is she an actress like Beyonce. Like was Mamkhize trying to mock her or something? Or was she hinting something?