Was LaConco wrong for wearing this?

Real Housewives of Durban star, LaConco was recently spotted at the Real Housewives of Lagos event wearing like she was going to a church conference.

The event was much anticipated, and nothing was expected to come out of LaConco for a person who loves to dress like she is going to church, but we should all agree to disagree that everybody has their style and sense of fashion.

Some of LaConco’s fans however were a bit disappointed that the reality star even went on to change the heels she was wearing and wore flat shoes. She did not even bother to wear heels when presenter Bonang Matheba called her for a short interview.

Instead, LaConco graced the interview with her flat shoes like it was nothing, and some of her fans took to the socials to talk about how unhappy they were seeing their favorite like this.

@ShamiSibisi said, “LaConco wenu changed into flats, Bonang interviews her and she thought it was okay for her to go up there in flats? Yikes”.

@Unathi also said, “LaConco is dressed like a minister of environmental affairs. Nathi she is meeting her peers like Naledi Pando”.

@Tshepiso also said, “I don’t know why you are all amused by LaConco’s dress code. You all know that she was engaged to a madala (old man), so she got used to wearing like a makoti (wife) from the rural areas. Please understand her”.

Some other fans even started saying that it is time to start pouring LaConco with water on her birthday to remind her that she is actually still young.

In my opinion, I think that there is nothing wrong with the way that LaConco was dressed at the Real Housewives of Lagos event. Everyone has their own choice when it comes to how they want to dress, and how they want to appear in front of people.

People must not be quick to judge the way other people dress. It seems like LaConco was happy and comfortable in the clothes that she was wearing, and she took off her high heel shoes to wear the flat ones was what she wanted to do. Do you think that LaConco’s dressing at the event was bad? Leave a comment and let us know.LaConco opens up about her relationship to Jacob Zuma