Warrant of arrest issued for Zodwa Wabantu

The controversial entertainer and reality TV star, Zodwa Wabantu has made headlines again and once again, she is in trouble with the law.

It is even worse this time as it is not in South Africa where she is wanted by the police but it is in Botswana. News are that Zodwa fled the country after hearing that she is saught by the police.

However, Zodwa has come forth to dismiss those news as she says that it is news to her. Zodwa Wabantu rubbished the claims made against her that she fled the country after a warrant of arrest was issued for her by the Botswana government.

This comes after she decided not to pitch at a festival that was held in Botswana last week despite having been paid.

The organisers then decided to take legal action against her.


In a statement, purporting to be from the Take it Easy Music Festival organisers, it is said that Zodwa would not be able to continue taking part in the event and perform. The reason for this is the warrant for allegedly violating the law of Botswana and humanity ethics.

According to festival’s Facebook page, there was no where it was mentioned of Zodwa Wabantu’s no show and, up until a few days before the year ended, they advertised her performance. They also shared a video of her encouraging people to buy tickets for the festival.

However, Zodwa has a different story to this as she said that she was not aware of any warrant issued against her. She was speaking to TshisaLIVE publication, at her home in Johannesburg.

She said that the reason she did not go to Botswana was that they didn’t pay her. She was surprised about the warrant of arrest and reiterated that she received no payment and did not post anything on her Instagram about Botswana because of that.

The spokesperson for Department of International relations and co-operation spokesperson, Clayson Monyela said that the department was not aware of any warrant issued against Zodwa.

However,the festival organisers said Zodwa is lying and is aware of the warrant of arrest.

There was also proof of payment and flight tickets dated December 24 that was bought by the organisers for Zodwa.

They said that Zodwa fled on the 27th December after she heard that police are looking for her Oodi. Instead her manager, Vukani came to perform because they were paid.