Vuyiswa Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After This Happened To Her In #TheQueen


Source: #TheQueenMzansi Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161

#TheQueen viewers are sick and tired of storyline were woman miscarry or lose their babies, they now ask to be give a break. Viewers are tired that one must stay away from tv after having miscarried and stuff like that because it’s South African soapies.



They are tired of this boring storyline. The Queen viewers has vow to stop watching the show if Vuyiswa loses this baby. They’ll be done with the queen, the poor woman need to be given the poor woman a break. Vuyiswa been through a lot. That baby needs to live! After so many miscarriages, we are hoping and praying that the baby survive.

Hector is not even going to call Harriet to let her know that the baby has arrived. Y’all will see. Hector and Vuyiswa will end up getting back together, Harriet is too controlling. le situation ka Vuyiswa no Hector reminds me of when Shaka helped Mmabatho give birth in that very same house.

Sis Vuyiswa should not allow these people near her baby because the way they treated her, no way. Viewer’s think that the baby going to trap him as he said. Hector didn’t want anything to do with Vuyiswa’s pregnancy now that he sees a baby bump he want to be in the child’s life. Vee and Hector never loved each other. Hector felt guilty for killing Jerry, started caring for Vee since he witnessed her going through grief. Vee was at a point of grief when she thought she loved Hector. Hector and Harriet connects in every way possible. And it’s this same guilt, now caused by abandoning his child that will have him almost having another affair.

It ended in tears for Nkosiyabo, let’s see what Brutus will say now. He is the one who killed his friend. It appears that viewers does not like the family of Brutus. They are finding its hard to accept them as they look dysfunctional just by looking the way they are categories. We all know Nkosiyabo killed that friend of his he better go to jail ngoba he is a trashy person.