Vuyiseka Cawe ‘Nokuzola’ from Imbewu-The Seed’s

Vuyiseka Cawe ‘Nokuzola’ from Imbewu-The Seed’s

Vuyiseka Cawe has shown a lot of versatility on-screen with the different roles that she has landed so far. She is a familiar face in the entertainment industry and lives in luxury, but her life was not always like that, as she faced some hardships at the beginning of her career.



Vuyiseka Cawe-Image Source (Instagram)

Vuyiseka always knew that she wanted to be an actress growing up. She started her acting career in Port Elizabeth, featured in plays and minor art projects. She then moved to Johannesburg, where she joined Duma Ndlovu Actors Academy and studied performance. When her career in acting started to rise, her mother died in her sleep, and her grandmother died four days later. Vuyiseka had to move back home and take care of her siblings, who were 18, 15 and 12 years old at that time. She was already helping with finances back home when her mother was alive, but then she had to take full responsibility for her siblings. Vuyiseka managed to take them through high school and University. She still puts her siblings through school.

Vuyiseka Cawe 'Nokuzola' from Imbewu-The Seed-Image Source(Instagram)

Her acting career has seen her landing roles on Muvhango, Generations-The Legacy, Rhythm City, Ekasi our stories and The Game while also modelling on the side. All these roles she landed before she had to move back home to take care of her siblings. After she had made sure that her siblings were settled in their new lives, she continued pursuing her career. She landed the role of Listerina on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen. Her role made her a beloved character on the screens because she played the role of a woman who plotted the perfect revenge against her husband’s mistress.

Currently, Vuyiseka Cawe plays the role of Nokuzola on etv drama series Imbewu-The Seed. Nokuzola is a career-focused woman and a go-getter. She is married to Zithulele, one of the heirs to the Bhengu family legacy. She, however, has secrets as she is carrying Zithulele‘s half brother’s child. Her husband had found out that they dated before, but she did not come clean that she hooked up with Nkululeko again while they were dating.

Nokuzola from Imbewu-Image Source(Instagram)

Her role in Imbewu-The Seed made her aunt disown her. Her aunt, who is elderly, does not understand that her character on TV is not her real character. Being a Christian, she says that people are talking at church and that they question her behaviour and think it’s not appropriate.

Looking at Vuyiseka, one would think that she is in her mid-twenties. The actress was born in 1987 and is 34 years old as of 2021. She is a testimony of the saying that black doesn’t crack