Vusi does the Amapiano challenge at the gym and viewers loves

Vusi Hlabangwana has taken on the Amapiano challenge, and he was participating from the gym. They have considered the challenge closed because he may be the best participant who has proven to dance the most out of everyone on it. The way he had done it is not easy because it requires strength and being physically fit. For him, it was easy to train while he was dancing because he does it all the time.



It does not come as a surprise to him, and neither should it become difficult. When he got famous or well known, it was a moment when he was at the gym dancing to the very same music, which is Amapiano. He loves training with local music as much as he loves training people who are from South Africa. He loves being a gym or training instructor because he believes it is his calling.

From how he does his job, you would fall in love with it because there are always happy moments for him. But when it comes to people from South Africa, they are ready to dance for a moment of the day. Even when you find them in soccer, they will be dancing after scoring a goal. That is something you can say it comes within them, and that is why it is easy to dance for them.

“The nomadic striker is back in South Africa and he has been training with Vusi ‘Mavreka’ Hlabangwane – a well-known fitness trainer that deals with a lot of professional players. The likes of Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo, Sphelele Mkhulise, Pule Ekstein, and some other high-profile athletes have worked with the trainer in recent times.