Vovo Left People Talking In Social media After She Hosted Baby Shower Before This In #ShortAndSweet

Vovo Left Her Fans Talking In Social media After She Hosted A Baby Shower Before The Pregnancy

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The country is lucky to have people like Vovo who are in need of a child. People like her have so much love to kids, they are the people who first feel the pain and cry when they heard about the abandoned child because they deeply need kids.

Vovo got everyone talking in social media after she hosted a baby shower before she get pregnantm. Mzansi were left happy to see Vovo happy as she is about to take a new journey of looking for a sperm donor. Vovo also deserve to have her own child regardless whether she is short or not.

Vovo is a woman who believes in God. She believes that everything has a reason for itself. We have seen her aunty in last episode criticizing her after she told her that she want to have baby. Vovo want a baby that she can hold with her own arms. She wants to feel the connection and attraction between mother and a child. She does not want surrogate to carry the child for her but she want to fell and experience everything.

The media personality left her Fans speechless after she invited her friends to celebrate with her as she is now going to be a “Mom to be” but she’s not even pregnant yet. Vovo is one of the #ShortAndSweet cast members that many people love to see her.

The doctor have told her the chances is very slim because she short and everything about her is small. It’s unfortunate that Vovo can’t carry a child biologically successfully, she cannot carry a child full term. She will have to stay in hospital for a long time.

Fans and follow have loved the fact that her friends came in numbers to support her. What they did it’s show love they have towards her. She said the friends she invited are her real friends who cry with her when she’s down and laugh with her all the time. She has much support and love from her friends.

Vovo makes her fans happy when she said that she’s going to tell her child that she is the mother and the father. We hope that everything goes well in her journey.