Vovo Left Mzansi Happy After She Went To Her Auditions In #ShortandSweet. Here Is What Happened

Vovo Left Mzansi Happy After She Went To Her Auditions In #ShortandSweet. Here Is What Happened




Vovo went to auditions because she has always want to see herself in tv. She said that she would want to act character of older person where she will be motivating disability and dwarf people.

Vovo want to act as an older person but she can’t because of her heights. Vovo love to act because she gas always wanted to be on TV. She said aus she has acted in a show of Somizi and The Queen as child.

Vovo want shoes that is written her name. She said that she cannot wear a shoes toddler shoes as if she is a child. Vovo want to start her own brand Like Somizi Bantu. She want her own brand to be written her name. She believes that people like he will support her because they know how they struggle to get the right size.

Mzansi were on tears after seeing the situation of Thandazani. Thandazani is looking for his father but his no where to be found. Thandazani suspect that may his having technical problems

His dream is to have a taxi of his own but his situation does not allow him. The doctor said that his not fit to have license because of his height. What he can try is to get modified car which will belong to him. Thandazani said that he will continue to find second option until everything get sorted.

He tried to get a loan of R300 000 but because he does not have parsnip he can’t get the loan. His last option is to find second hand taxi. Thandanani can use the money he’ll be making from the taxi to try and get that modified car.

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