Vovo Left Her Fans Happy After She Received This News in #ShortandSweet Show

Vovo Left Her Fans Happy After She Received This News In #ShortandSweet Show

Source: Hashtag #ShortandSweet Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latent Episode




Many fans and viewers has been loving Vovo, many has been saying that she must just own this entire show. The other cast member is too focused on the girlfriend without goals.

Mzansi Is Left happy for Vovo after hearing the good news. Mzansi could not help but to feel happy and emotional after hearing the result of Vovo In #ShortandSweet. From the first episode of #ShortandSweet we heard Vovo saying that she was a babe. We also saw her hosting a baby shower before she can get pregnant.

The good news is Vovo has finally find the sperm donor after he aunty were against the idea of her getting a sperm donor. In the latest episode 13 season 1 Vovo heard the good news after receiving an email from her doctor. Vovo has good the results throughout email qich says that her child will not be short like her but she or he will be tall like normal person.

Vovo has been rejected by some of her friends. The other friend of her has refused to give her sperm donor saying that it’s against their culture. Vovo was lucky enough to have a good friend who agreed to give her sperm donor for free and does not demand anything from her.

Vovo has share the good news with her friends and her family. She has invited her friends for a breakfast in her place. Mza since have noticed that Vovo have just goes up to the ladies and tell them it was nice to see them while it did not look like they were ready to leave.

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