Vovo In #ShortAndSweet Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After She Said This In #ShortAndSweet

Simply put, Vovoo needs to star on her very own reality program. Vovo deserves to have a program of her own because she has a lot to offer. Vovo is known for saying the strangest things ever. When other people are talking, I honestly step away from the conversation and return when Vovo begins speaking. To tell you the truth, the others are tedious, and Vovo should have been hosting this event.

Vovo is heard saying “it’s normal… I can perform any styles… helicopter…” in the recording.

Even her husband is curious about the answer to the question “which style is helicopter.” Vovo, you are putting us in a position where we feel pressure from you. There is a style of playing the saxophone known as the helicopter, as stated by Vovo.

Hearing the doctor tell VOVO that she would not be able to become pregnant and carry the kid to full term shattered my heart. Vovo is extremely eager to become a parent. Her loved ones are really concerned about her intentions to start a family soon.

She is able to have a kid that is rather tall. Whether Vovo is short or not, she will be able to have her baby because even little women who do not carry babies to full term will have them. Why does it seem like everyone in America is pregnant? There is no moral or ethical problem with using a sperm donor because it is just another method of having a child.

VOVO Because of how unfavorable they are toward her, her sister and aunt are the most repulsive people that have ever lived. Rather than supporting her decision, you should ask how she will carry a child given how small she is. They ought, for God’s sake, to just show her love and care and refrain from talking nonsense to her. The aunt is a letdown because she is ignorant about many things. Vovo may be on the shorter side, but she is an entirely full lady in every other respect. She is able to get along with everyone.




I can see where Vovo’s sister is coming from with her fears and understand where she is coming from. Vovo doesn’t place restrictions on herself. I admire how motivated Vovo is to triumph over any challenges that may be thrown her her in life; this quality of hers is one of my favorites about her.

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