Voice Note Exposed Andile Mpisane For Threatening To Do This To Sithelo

Apparently Andile Mpisane threatened to kill Sithelo, the whole thing was recorded by Sithelo herself who wanted to expose her baby daddy of two and the mistreatment that she has been suffering throughout the years so you can understand the dynamic in that wealthy family.

This is clearly a side of the Mkhize’s we have not known for all this time and it is very concerning to a lot of people who are in this situation, it is very unfortunate that the situation has gotten to such extremes.





No one really knows what is going on with them but they are at each other’s throats and you can hear everything that is going on between them, clearly showing that it is not all roses and champagnes that they live through and there is a lot of drama in the family.

While everyone is on the sidelines envious of the lavish lifestyle that the Mkhize’s are living through it is clear that this is a very huge scandal that is going on and will surely make a lot of people wonder about the whole thing, it is very interesting that we have such a situation.

It is very unfortunate that the members of public didn’t know that this going behind the high walls and flashy cars, many people have expressed their disappointment on the family because now they seem to be very unkind as they threaten a woman who was part of their family.

She even has two children for the boy but it seems like that something they will gladly overlook because they cannhave any woman give them children, they’ll probably get the permission of the family of that girl and fix her up with Andile.

This is a very great thing to witness and it shows how the wealthy families live and keep their wealth, there are high chances that Sithelo was replaced by Tamia because she brought on to the table relatively nothing.