Viewers react to EtvScandal’s Lindiwe and Nhlamulo renewing their wedding vows

The storyline between Nhlamulo and Mdala has been hectic, with Mdala ending up sleeping with Nhlamulo’s wife, Lindiwe. But it seems to have come to an end as Nhlamulo has managed to put Mdala back in prison, and the pair renewing their marriage.


Viewers were happy with the storyline ending but were not happy that Nhlamulo simply forgave Lindiwe.

Phuti patience Seanego commented on EtvScandal’s page that, “I’m not happy. Lindiww was supposed to suffer and run back to Nhlamulo. Nhlamulo was supposed to not help her and actually break up with her. ”


Mazukuru Wa Sayino Nasalome praised Nhlamulo’s good heart and commented, “Eish Nhalx is such a good husband jus like that you are forgiven i mean she slept with Mdala and she’s back like nothing happened.”

Maureen Ma Tiwiri commented, “I wanted to see lindiwe crying begging for forgiviness.. but anyway the script she is following there is no such lines. So who am I to condemn her? Its all good.”

Mancini Nene hoped for a different outcome and predicted that we might see Mdala again on our screen if Lindiwe is pregnant with his child, she wrote “But I see Lindiwe being pregnant with mdalas baby and Vuvu might just sell out Tlogi to mdala, then this thing of Tlogi wanting to work with Lindi koLevels will just make mdala see that there worked together…”