Viewers of Ingane Yami applaud LaConco

Nonkanyiso Conco is an MC and business woman. She has her own skin care products and she’s part of the Real housewives of Durban reality show. However most people might know her from when she was the fiance of the former president of South Africa. However the young business woman has proven to be more than what she was portrayed to be. She has a good head on her shoulders.

LaConco is the host of the second season of Ingane yam. Her first episode impressed Mzansi, she’s beffiting. On the Real housewives of Durban LaConco relates with everybody and has no drama at all. She proves to know who she is and her story.

She’s probably the best candidate for a show like Ingane yami. The show is about informing your partner about a child you have outside of your relationship. It might be a child you had while you were already seeing your partner or one you had when you were still very young. LaConco’s personality is perfect and her hosting’s skills are superb, viewers of the show are impressed.