Viewers are not happy about Mr. Kgomo getting his job back

The news of Mr. Kgomo getting his job back is making the rounds at Turf, while the whole of Turf Hospital is shaken by the unexpected announcement. The mighty captain has gotten his job back and we can’t help but wonder, how he is going to treat Melita when he returns. Most viewers we not pleased with Mr. Kgomo getting his job because they felt like the show was not taking its viewers seriously, while others felt like the writers were promoting bullying in the workplace, that people can get away with anything. Please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, and follow for more articles.


@BafanaMana25209 wrote, “Now you are starting to boring me, why Mr. Kgomo is back to Turf Hospital cos he had serious allegations against him? He stole money and abused powers! This is what you are condoning ?? Because he was expelled right but now must be reinstated! Starting to boring me now!!”

@Boity0613 wrote, “So the rich always win?? The writer lost the plot here.”