VIDEO: Someone must stop what DJ Oskido is doing on TikTok

Dj Oskido does not want to miss out any challenge that is trending on social media and he will share his own video clip as soon as he is done. He performed the “Morefi don’t run” prank on Royal AM player Andile Mpisane. It was a game against Kaizer Chiefs FC during the international break and the players had to keep fit while they waited for the local competition to come back to action.

For most people who are at his age, they are not on TikTok and he is more active than many people at his age. He does a challenge on anything he finds interesting, as he did with a song with Nkosasana’s daughter. In particular, after the challenges he has been doing lately, some people have not really come to terms with the legendary DJ and producer.

“Today I embark on a new challenge by going back to school. I have enrolled at the University of Pretoria for a five month Project Management Programme. That is 8am to 5pm a week per month. Believers let’s keep growing and empowering ourselves.”

He made it clear in his interview with MacG that he is willing to learn anything that is impactful. He also went to study for six months, which was a success at the beginning of the year. He was wearing a gown during his celebration and his friends made it to the party. Some could not make it prior to engagements. Dj Blackcoffee is also a friend, but he has a huge schedule around the European countries.

“The timing could not be better as the veteran is looking to release new music, which he will undoubtedly test drive at Delicious. I will be showcasing most of my new songs. I hope the crowd is going to receive it well, and I will definitely play some of the crowd’s favourites, which will be fun. So, it is a live DJ set with some of my friends who are also musicians, so it’s not just me playing. It’s going to be awesome.”