VIDEO: She spends 200K for body transformation. Inno talks about her new look

Inno Morolong, who is a club hostess, revealed that she spent 200K on body transformation, and it has been something very popular in South Africa lately. People want to lose weight but are not keen on going to the gym and changing their diets. That is why more of them went for the option. Inno also went for it. That is a lot of money to invest in herself and to have the desired body transformation.

She revealed that the doctor had to prep her for what she was going to do. She had to detox and not go to work for the entire month. It took her 6 hours to complete the surgery, and it was painful to go through it. But then when the day came, she was prepared and excited for something that would make her happy. Also, that it is a dangerous operation and there could be complications.



After the surgery, she further revealed having to live privately and the attention with a lot of surprise was is going to get big. She is also not the first person to live in private until ready to walk in public spaces again. It looks great but is not good when it has to inject fear of walking on those streets, especially if it was something you have done for yourself. It was never for other people.

Another factor was not being happy with the Podcast and Chill with MacG because they were making comments about her and they were not good. When it comes to the podcast, they said a long time ago that it is only banter and they don’t have to take it very seriously, but it is never like that. When someone approaches MacG, he does not always talk about it because he has seen how people use his platform to gain popularity.

She had been going through critics on social media after the transformation, and that was a very personal decision she took. But then in life, when you are making a decision that people will realize, there will be someone who is going to say something about it. Just like buying a car, it is something you can’t hide and keep a secret.