VIDEO|| Shaka From The Queen Once Again Exposed, Watch What He Was Doing To This White Man.

Shaka from the Queen once again involved in a scandal that might ruin his whole career and lose his job.

South Africans are left shocked after what the actor Sthembiso Khoza also known as Shaka Khoza from the Queen.A video shows the well known actor allegedly drunk and trying to fight with a white man at a hotel.Apparently the person behind taking the video allegedly claims that Shaka Khoza took some substance and made him behave in a very bad way.




The white man did not do anything to Shaka Khoza yet the actor kept on swearing the and trying to fight.

People are worried about the way Shaka Khoza recently behaves and how he might lose everything.It was firstly the video of girls he hosted at his home and also for allegedly beating up his wife.Now there is a new video circulating on social media showing Shaka Khoza trying to beat up a white man.

It is not clear what the white man did that got Shaka Khoza fuming.
To watch the video, click on this link:

Source: Sipho Ngwema