VIDEO: SA ladies embarrassing themselves fighting over a Cake thrown at them by OkMalumkoolKat.

Smiso Zwane, commonly known by his stage name Okmalumkoolkat is a South African rapper and half of the rap/electronic duo Dirty Paraffin from Umlazi Township in Durban. Smiso Zwane is known for singles such as “Mswenkofontein” featuring $tilo Magolide & uSanele. It seem the well known South African rapper was celebrating his 39th birthday party.

He was spotted at a club with his cake written happy birthday and he was happy, on the trending video he was asking his fans if he needed them to taste the cake. Out of nowhere he decided to give out hid cake to his fans and they quickly grabbed it like hungry people. On the video which was trending he was seen giving it out to the people that were parting at the club.

Here is the trending video from twitter that was posted and has been trending.


After the video was posted here are all the pictures that were on the video as screenshots, here are the screenshots of the video that was posted.

Here are the pictures from twitter as the girls were posted and they were busy struggling to grab a piece and they were embarrassing as they looked hungry and homeless. People suggested that they were hungry and suffering.

Here are the screenshots of the comments from twitter , here are the screenshots of the comments from twitter. As people share their views and they also were sharing that the ladies shouldn’t be fighting over a cake.