VIDEO: Noa from Limpopo was joking on a phone call while walking between the livestock

Noa is a Limpopo comedian and entertainer who is on the rise to being one of the most memorable acts. He likes taking any situation possible and turning it into amusing moments that many people loves a lot, especially for those who are from Limpopo, as he speaks Sepedi. He is based in the province at the moment.




He was around the cattles pretending that he had to walk in a huge crowd of people and it was not possible for him to talk to his partner on the phone. Even with the way he was wearing his outfit, it is the first thing you will find amusing. When you continue to listen to what he will be saying, it is just the last moment.

Being an entertainer is a huge commitment and people are expecting you to do or say something they will find laughable. If it is not that humorous, it becomes a problem because your audience is not going to find you entertaining anymore. Solphenduka meets a chiller and that person was expecting to have Sol push those puns lines.

It does not happen all the time. At some point, you want to relax, but then it is not easy. People are expecting you to give them what you have signed to provide. But then Noa was doing pretty well and he would get to where he wants to be. It is not known when he will get to the great part.

He is more like William, who is a funny musician and has to make everything a joke. Even without his music, he will continue to make jokes. They share more than meets the eye. They are light skinned, skinny, and have to wear funny clothes when doing their jokes. They love different things that you would not find funny, but they will.