VIDEO: Material Things Will end the Youth Of Manzi, See What These Rich People Were Spotted Driving

Whoever introduced the influential lifestyle should be locked up and thrown the keys away because this lifestyle is ending the youth especially the African race are the ones perform this lifestyle, influential lifestyle is a lifestyle of the rich and famous, normally they spend most of their money on entertainment and materialistic like buying expensive clothes, alcohol, and cars they buy all these things just to showoff.






A video of young people driving very nice and expensive cars to the groove left many shocked and wondering if these money they spend for a day was is it dirty money because no one can work hard for their money just to splash on useless thing. A Twitter user @Lebo shared the video and captioned it “Black people with money are very dramatic.”

The video was received by many, when tweeps saw it they had mixed emotions and started to debate amongst each other, some were against Lebo calling her out that these people are not dramatic they are enjoy themselves, if she had money she would understand the feeling. while others stand with Lebo by supporting or adding to her statement that rich people don’t show off.