Video: Makhadzi and Somizi set the stage ablaze with MaGear

African Queen Makhadzi once again amazed the crowd with yet another incredible performance. She was at an event performing her newly released single titled MaGear. She had an explosive dose of energy, and her outfit was shining. Media personality Somizi Mhlongo could not resist but join in on the fun.

Makhadzi brought in her unique flare during the performance and threw hints about playing the whistle. While whistling, she invoked another element of sound that adequately aligned with her new single. Her dancers wore black bodycon outfits with colorful clothes draping from their knees.

Somizi joins Makhadzi on stage

As an experienced choreographer, the media personality Somizi Mhlongo couldn’t help but join in on the performance. He memorized the choreography with so much ease and speed. He just nailed it instantly from the first dance move of twisting the legs and mastering the arm work. As a dancer with his unique style, he added some twists and moves to the mix.

As the two stars and the dancers were dancing on stage together, the crowd was already going insane. Seeing Makhadzi alone is incredible but seeing another talented figure joining is like double the entertainment. Somizi and Makhadzi synced with the most fantastic footwork. Both moved their feet like they were making iconic pantsula dance moves. At that moment, people in their audience were in absolute awe.

Somizi and Makhadzi are both huge fans of one another. Somizi has repeatedly proved it by singing and dancing to Makhadzi’s hits. Makhadzi, on the other hand, has praised Somizi for his work ethic. She often describes him as one of her most inspirational figures.

Makhadzi on MaGear cover



Not the first time Somizi and Makhadzi have been on stage together

Around June, Somizi shared footage of himself and the African Queen on stage. He said he is more than proud of her for all the success she has accumulated all on her own. He also called her an amicable force in the Mzansi entertainment industry.

Somizi kept falling increasingly in love with her stage presence as she gave off explosive energy and glamour. At most significant events, when Somizi is one of the hosts, Makhadzi is one of the performers. Both stars are booked and busy, so it’s not rare to be there simultaneously.

Change Ma Gear

Makhadzi got Mzansi talking, and her fans begged her to release the song sooner. After a long wait, Makhadzi finally released the single, and Mzansi loves it to bits and pieces. She introduced the song to all her fans with a TikTok video where she created the Change Ma Gear dance. TikTok users caught the wave, and so many people posted their videos dancing.

After releasing the teaser, Makhadzi faced some backlash from a Malawian singer claiming she copied his song. The African Queen did not respond; her online defense force did all the work for her. Change Ma Gear is now available for listeners, and the controversy died out. We will see which type of plaque Makhadzi gets for this particular single.

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