VIDEO: Look at how King Monada went to buy bread and people were left amused about him

King Monada went to buy bread with a self-made car that is driven or pushed by someone else. King Monada is known for doing a lot of things that many people find amusing, and it was a way of him showing how expensive fuel is. He has a lot of cars and their fuel consumption is very high.


It is a time to make changes in your lifestyle and to make sure that you will not go broke. You still want the good life, but then something has to be stopped and in that way you will have to maintain your lifestyle. Driving is something that many people do not do all the time because they will save them money. It helps them to keep their lifestyle afloat.

Especially this year, people have not been happy, and it is a time when people have gotten more stingy. Going to the club or chisanyama is something that people are not doing as much as they used to. It does affect anyone, and it is not just for people who have cars only. The price of bread is very high. The price of a loaf used to be 10 bucks and is now costing a lot.





Even though the prices are higher and the inflation is too high, some people are not having to feel the struggle that much because they are rich or wealthy. If you have a salary, that is very bad because you would not also get an acceptable increase to manage your lifestyle better or at that same level. But then with King Monada, he just made it funny.


It is something that people can make jokes about, because with South Africans they like making jokes about anything, even though it is having a huge effect on their lives. There is nothing that people from South Africa will not make a joke about. The moment you say they must not, they start making jokes about it a lot.