VIDEO: I bumped into my legend Alostro yesterday while shooting a music video. Will he get featured?

The famous Alostro has more supporters than Bonga Sithole, who left rehab without giving any notice to the people who were helping him. What has not been good from Alostro is that he does not appear in the same physical condition as before. Solphenduka, from the podcast and chill with MacG, may have discovered from his physical appearance that he is not doing well.

He is on camera, and if they are going to feature him, then he should at least be paid. But then it is also hard to help someone who is using drugs, and if that person does not want to change, then it is not easy to help him. Why did Bonga have to discharge himself from rehab without letting the people who helped him know about it?

“We had to give the legend a camera appearance.”



“Alostro reveals that there is a low consumption of Nyaope currently, and he has already gone a few days without it. From what he was saying about reaching certain days with smoking, you may trust him on that because that is what he wants daily and it may be the only thing that people could believe him on. There is a lot that you will not trust coming from him because what he says about the famous musician and football coach is not the truth.”

Yizo-Yizo star Innocent Masuku also revealed that if someone who is using drugs is not the one who is ready to quit, then you will be wasting a lot of time. He was able to quit because he was the one who made that decision and was able to handle it better. He was prepared to do so, and as for Bonga, who is used to the street lifestyle, going to rehab was an unexpected outcome.

As people want someone to help Alostro, will he have the courage to stay sober for the rest of his life and be able to finish rehab? Will he not heckle out as much as they are having confidence in him? It is being said, “Go help those who help themselves.” That means Alostro has the power to help himself before someone else does.