Video: Gogo Maweni says after with a take his used protection and bring it to her

Gogo Maweni is a well-known South African doctor, consultant, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Maweni once confessed to practising and possessing witchcraft abilities. She is also believed to have bewitched her baby daddies after they failed to pay child maintenance. Maweni is famous for her lavish lifestyle and her herbal businesses. She owns a herbal store and sells jewellery known as Maweni Chakra Online. According to her Facebook profile, Maweni is a gobela at Impande Ye Zulu. She is also famous for appearing in several South African TV shows.



Everytime Gogo Maweni is trending she is trending for the wrong reasons. Not long ago she was trending after people said that she used Muthi on SK Khoza for him to behave the way he does in public beating up people and doing a lot more wrong things that got people talking. And this happened after she said she is capable of bewitching someone, and the reason why she said that was because it was alleged that SK Khoza doesn’t pay maintenance for Gogo Mawen’s child who they share together.

Though Gogo Maweni calls herself a traditional healer people doubt that as they feel that she is not just a traditional healer but she is also a witch. And this got people worried and end up saying they are not safe.

especially following the video she shared on social media telling women what to do with their men’s used protection after sleeping with them. A video of Gogo Maweni was shared on social media by a lady who goes by the name of Nolwazi Mnisi on Twitter, with the caption Gents flash your protection as soon as your done. The reason why she is saying this is because on the video of Gogo Maweni that Nolwazi shared Gogo Maweni is saying if you have a problem with a cheating boyfriend as soon your done sleeping with him take that used protection and bring it to her she will take away all the guy’s luck and block them, the guy will lose his job anything that’s going good for him she will turn it to bad luck.

This video has got people asking a lot of questions that needs Gogo Maweni to clarify as people feel that she is too much now, this woman is cruel in did. They continue to say she should heal from what SK Khoza did to her because you can see what she is doing she is doing it just to make men pay for what SK Khoza did to her, when he left her with a child. And now it seems like all man will pay for SK Khoza’s mistake, she should just forgive him and move on.