VIDEO: Gcina and her mother celebrate her birthday at Konka

Gcina was celebrating her birthday. She took her mother to Konka and then celebrated her birthday together at the entertainment establishment. In most cases, that is not how you will see a mother and daughter celebrating a birthday together. They were happy that they had finally made it to the place, and it must have been a long time waiting for that moment.

It is amazing that she was able to go out with her own mother to such an entertainment place. That is something that people do not accept. They don’t want to see themselves partying with their children at the same venue, and some parents will say that their time to go out at such places is over for them. It is time to give their children a chance to enjoy themselves and go to a different place that fits them.




How will you feel if your own child wants to spend time with you in the same location? Some people will do it because they want to see how responsible their children are, and they will not have to worry about them when they are going out. It is a good thing to know that your boss is responsible and you don’t have to worry about it.

Life had changed, and having to go out might not be a bad thing to do. Because some people will go out with people who are older enough to become their parents. That is why it may not be difficult for others to enjoy being with their parents and spending time together. Some will go out with them to church, and you can’t say no to it.

What is important is for Gcina to enjoy every moment together with her mother, and she would not have to worry that she could not spend time with her own mother. Make use of the time you are having at the moment because you are not sure what the next day will have for you. You could work away from your parents and get to see them after a long time.