VIDEO: Famous homeless Bonga was given a new opportunity to change his life

Bonga Sithole is now using a laptop that was given to him to continue writing the book he announced he was writing. The laptop will help him to write faster and in a safer way because, while he was living on the streets, his materials would get destroyed or lost. He was happy for the opportunity given to him, and the laptop will help him change his life for the better. It was important for him to speak about his life.

He has already talked about his family, and how he got on the streets is something that will be expected from his book. His father was a taxi owner and had 19 children in total, he said. Bonga has shared information about his family. He was living a better life until his father died, and he did not click very well with his stepfather. He is one of many people who did not get along with them. The legendary actor Israel Matseke Zulu also had a difficult time with his stepfather.




He also got identification from Home Affairs. He went to a high-standard school, but he could not obtain his Matriculation certificate because he dropped out of Standard 7. He is a humble guy and a social person at best. From the video clip where he was given materials he would use for his book, he seemed happy and wanted to also they wanted him to speak the English language. He is entertaining when you get to listen to him.

What also made him want to write a book is that he loves reading. For someone who is reading more regularly, they have more stories to tell and are learning more. Even though Chris Excel was criticizing him when he got his identification, he is now thriving. As he went to a high school, that meant he was a documented citizen, and Chris Excel was questioning if he was a South African citizen.

At the moment, the interview he had done had exposed him to more people, is when he was with Nkululeko. Many people got to know about him from that moment on. Helping someone change his or her life is heart-filling, which is something that Bonga would do for someone else. Since he is from the streets, surely he knows more people who have something they would share to change their lives as well.