VIDEO: DJ Sbu speaks about his lifestyle. He does not have a personal vehicle

DJ Sbu’s was on Panuel’s podcast and talking about his lifestyle at the moment. DJ Sbu has revealed he does no longer have a personal vehicle and that is the choice he made by himself. It is not because he does not have the money to get one. He is using the company car to run his errands. Having a choice like this is beautiful and you are not pressured.

He has been driving beautiful cars for a long time and now he does not have any influence to buy a car. It would be for someone who has not bought one yet and they would not follow DJ Sbu. His reason is that he is building and at the moment, he does not need one for personal use. He has a company and those vehicles are the ones he uses for his personal engagements.




A car is something that has been there for a long time. Even when it comes to dating, some people will want someone who has a vehicle and the reality is that not everyone has a car. You may want a partner who has one but then struggle with the choice. It has been documented on dating TV shows that there was a huge argument about getting a partner with a vehicle.

DJ Sbu is not someone who is flexing about cars and mostly having to help someone with a business. That is his most desirable impact and he wants to continue installing it in people’s lives. But people are having different choices, as DJ Sbu does not want to have a personal vehicle. Possibly, he will not get to a function in a sports car but in a company vehicle.

Most recently, DJ Sbu likes having to talk on a podcast and is not active in many things. When he puts his focus on one thing, he will be on it, and when he shifts attention, he does not want to have regrets. He also wants to learn from other people and educate other people with what he knows. Share the information he has and also learning from someone.