VIDEO: DJ Sbu reveals that Mzekezeke will not avail himself to the public without Mandoza

Mzekezeke, who is still available, but he will not be doing public engagements anymore. Sbu said it is because Mandoza is no longer alive and those two people were together all the time. The public should forget to see him too, and even the claims people have made about Mzekezeke, thinking he is DJ Sbu, are not true. It is being claimed that he is still alive but has chosen to avail himself to the public.

He also mentioned how it was not good for Mandoza to be bashed because he had spoken broken English in an interview. That moment was not good for him and the legendary musician, Mandoza. His music will not die and is always there for people to listen to. It is also known internationally how big his music got to be while he was bashed for speaking broken English in South Africa.


It is a problem when a person is being criticized for speaking a language that is not well spoken and is not their native language. English is the medium of communication, and if you don’t know it, you are not being unwise. But it was not how it had been seen the entire time. Many people are not good at English, but they have managed to accomplish more than people who have gone to an expensive school, while that other person was attending a free government school.

What has been in discussion for a long time was the lives of Mandoza and Mzekezeke being the same, but DJ Sbu denied it. He has even had an interview on Massive Metro with Mzekezeke to prove that he is indeed available but will not come to the entertainment industry because they have lost Mandoza. The man who made a huge hit called Tonado, Respect, 50/50 and many more.

If you are thinking that Mzekezeke will make a comeback, you should forget about it because it will not happen anytime soon or ever. From the comments DJ Sbu has made, it is clearly announced and they must be close to making people aware of his decisions. People have left it like that and maybe it will be confirmed when the time comes, which people do not know when.