VIDEO: Dineo Ranaka talks her lifestyle about what she does not like

Dineo Ranaka took to social media to talk about her lifestyle and how she actually gets through life. From the Podcast and Chill with MacG, she made it clear that she does not wait for someone to approach her, and if you are wasting time, she will do it. But then she is still getting approached, but then it is people who have to offer her what she does not want.

People who have approached her have stated that if someone is going to propose marriage to her, she is not interested and is actually bored with a man having to offer marriage. She does not want to get married and that is why she made it clear with the video addressing the matter because some people don’t know.

She has changed her lifestyle and she tried to get married, but then it did not work. She is having to only have someone she is going to have a relationship with, but that person should know that they are likely not going to get married. That is actually good because someone does not want to get married and they have reasons.




For her reasons, some people are not really happy with her and they think she is chasing clout. She just wants to get relevant and start to trend on social media. She has four children and they have different fathers. She is always being bashed for it and it looks as if they see a problem, but she just wants to be happy.

She no longer lives the same way she did before having her first child. And from the video clip, people from the comment section don’t like the fact that she brought her father into her chosen lifestyle and they are thinking that her father was actually rehearsing for the video clip. She should at once keep her lifestyle private so people will not know about it.