VIDEO: Busta 929 was attacked on Twitter when he was going to Polokwane. Check what happened

Busta 929 was attacked with controversial remakes on Twitter when he was on his way to Polokwane in Limpopo. From what is reported about him with underage females, from the comment made by Musa Khuwula, it is clear that many people find it very amusing and a brutal allegation that is due to happen because it is Busta 929.

Musa Khuwula’s followers have not approved of how he is tweeting about public figures and sometimes it is seen as unnecessary to tweet that way. Clearly, he does not want to stop anytime soon, because he continues from where he left. Even though it is a huge allegation of Busta 929’s lifestyle, many people are happy with his content.

Musa Khuwula has made it quite clear that he will drop every files on anyone and he is not scared of anyone for what he is doing. He has made it clear that if they are hiding something that is part of their lifestyle, he will make it public. The only person who came with a huge threat that never happened was DJ Sbu. No one else puts pressure on him to take a legal route.

Sometimes the things that he tweets are very hard to comment on seem to be true because they are not taking any action against Musa Khuwula. When someone says something that is wrong about you, you have a good case for deformation of character because that person is damaging your reputation and name. Silent is taken as a concern.





Busta 929 is one of the greatest South African musicians and he is also successful. He is living a soft lifestyle that anyone would want to have, but then being different with his lifestyle entails. Some people from the comment section have said that he has shot the video just for popularity purposes. He just wants to trend and that is the intention.