VIDEO: Amapiano rapper gets dragged for his shoes he was wearing on stage

Young Stunna was performing when fans noticed the unusual fashion and people were particularly taken aback with the shoes. His shoes are not only different, but they are expensive to buy. But then other people are happy with them because it is not their favourite design and it is understandable for everyone to have a different design they like.


It is a different brand that is not seen regularly when it comes to the Amapiano musicians and they all have similar fashion because of the brand being the same. They cost more than R8,000K to purchase. But sometimes people like to say some shoes are expensive but they do not look good.

They have been criticizing him for the shoes and even in the video clip as taken, the person behind was focusing more on the shoes than other clothes. Fashion sometimes gets you dragged because other people don’t like it and with social media, people are taking advantage of it to respond.




They can bash him as they want, but then he will still wear the expensive sneakers that he loves. It is like Kanye West, who is always having a different fashion sense and he is not backing away from expressing himself with fashion. Young Stunna should also feel free to show his expressions of fashion. People will continue to talk off and on about the media.


It is not good to be famous because many people are looking at your clothes and if there is something they don’t like, they will comment on it. Sometimes you will meet other people who are talkative in person and it will be more harder than when reading comments on social media. They are not all lenient and some people will try to comfort you to at least not feel bad from all the comments.