Very Funny | He Got Roasted After Getting A Tattoo Of 2pac Shakur But It Doesn’t Look Like Him

Tattoos are very popular in South Africa and in many other countries around the world, Millions of people get new tattoos everyday around the world and most people get tattoos that represent something that is important to them, and this unknown man is clearly inspired by legendary American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur also known as 2pac because he got a tattoo of him on his chest.

However, unfortunately for him, the tattoo artist that he went to is clearly not good at his job because his tattoo turned him into a laughing stock because it looks more like bra kop from Rythm City than 2pac, just look at how some people responded after seeing the tattoo..

“It’s him, ke bra Kop 😂😂😂”


“What’s going on here?”

“Someone said ngathi uCosmo from Generations😭😭”

“What’s this now?? Marabastad 2pac😭😭 ”

“May your enemies never know if you gotten a tattoo of 2 Pac or Bra Kop

Confuse your enemies.”

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