VBS Cannot Take Jacob Zuma’s Multimillion Rand Nkandla Home

Jacob Zuma is someone who seems to not be able to escape the authorities that are after him and that is causing him to be very concerned about the situation that he had, and we have to think about the fact that he has also expressed concerns that the authorities are pursuing him and definitely causing him to worry about his children.

Although in most cases it does not look like the several courts can be able to get what they want because we have to take into consideration the fact that he was arrested and released for no reason whatsoever, meaning that he is untouchable in this regard.





So those who are still against him and want to see him suffer are ensuring that they deal with him in a decisive manner and it seems like they don’t want to rest as they keep dragging him to court, although in most cases he seems to win his court cases this time around they have actually succeeded in ensuring that they win.

However, VBS cannot take Zuma’s multimillion-rand Nkandla home so we guess that we can say that Jacob Zuma has managed to actually win at the end of the day because we have the understanding that these people who are his enemies want to see him in a situation where he is homeless with his family of sixty.

The former president has an outstanding loan debt of R7.8 million that he is allegedly failing to pay, we understand that despite the resounding influence and power Jacob Zuma has it does not come in the form of finances and that means that those who were determined to help him cannot do so with finances.

While VBS Mutual Bank liquidators obtained a court order to seize assets owned by former president Jacob Zuma, however his Nkandla home will not be put to the list and that was very disappointing to a lot of people but he is safe from this and now we wonder why this is even happening in the country.