NO miniskirts, earrings, necklaces, bangles, sleeveless and open tops, coloured nails, lipsticks, trousers and dresses.

This is the list of clothes and accessories that a varsity in Uganda has banned its female students from wearing, threatening to take “serious action” against them if they dare to!

According to Daily Monitor, Bugema University in Kampala laid down the law for what its female students are allowed to wear on campus in mid December last year.

In the notice announcing the ban, the varsity said: “No student should come back with the above mentioned next semester. Culprits will face university disciplinary committee for serious action.”

But the move has been met with serious resistance.

Student Ronald Bwire was so upset by it he’s taken the varsity to court.

In his court papers, currently being argued in the High Court, Ronald states that the ban is a violation of female students’ right to equality, dignity, freedom of expression, conscience and culture.

He also argues that it’s a step back in Uganda’s efforts to respect, promote and uphold the rights and status of women.

He further argues that the ban would cause female students undue distress, physiological torture and inconvenience.

The case continues.