Uzalo:Sbu Got Himself In A Big Trouble After He Went To Nkunzi’s House See What Will Happen To Him

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It appears to be that the festival of individuals of Kwa Mashu must be stopped as Nkunzi isn’t dead however just in a basic condition and as per Uzalo he won’t pass on and there is another contention in Kwamashu. The late Mncedisi who died in July will be highlighted on the soapie as Nkunzi’s adversary. Mncedisi had been shooting with Uzalo before he passed on.

Individuals of Kwa Mashu were extremely cheerful about the end of Nkunzi on account of all the fear he has caused. The most joyful of all being Sbu, as he naturally suspected had killed his adversary. Notwithstanding, there is a major shock that looks for him which will leave him dazed.





This approaching week on Uzalo Sbu will discover that Nkunzi isn’t dead, will that drive Sbu to take off on account surprisingly Sbu understands how Nkunzi people groups who sell him out?

Nkunzi is set to come after Sbu and attempt to pursue retribution for attempting to kill him. Sbu gathers his sacks and plans to leave before Nkunzi gets to him. Well assuming that he bombs things may very well end in tears.

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