Uzalo|Sbu becomes the happiest man after getting a special gift from a new friend, see details


Sbu has turned out to be a lucky guy in Kwamashu after getting a special gift from a new friend, who has been turning things around in the community, and he has become a huge challenge for Nkunzi after being accused of killing Thwala.

But the new guy wants to take everything from Nkunzi, and he started by dating his wife and now he has taken the only friend that knows him better than anyone in his life.




Things went well on Kwanjomane last night after he got expensive whisky from this wealthy man, that has also donated a lot of money on the Nkunzi project.

Many people have started to say that this might be Nkunzi’s’s biggest enemy by name of Puttin who has been most wanted by the police in the community, but nobody knows the identity of this guy because he has been using different people as a way of confusing his enemies.