Uzalo’s Nkunzi Is A “Softie” Who Hates Divorce in Real Life

Why Uzalo’s Nkunzi Is A “Softie” Family Man Who Hates Divorce In Real Life

Popular Uzalo actor Masoja Josiah Msiza who plays the role of the villainous “Nkunzi Mhlongo” on the hit telenovela Uzalo, is a softie, passionate family man in real life. The veteran actor is all about families and passionately hates divorce due to his upbringing.

Masoja, who plays the role of the resident villain on Uzalo, revealed that he is passionately against divorce because he personally experienced how it affects the children. In a very open interview, Nkunzi revealed that he was raised by his grandmother and only saw his father’s family a few times a year. According to the actor, he only saw his father’s family during the holidays, if he was lucky.

The anguish that Masoja experienced growing up made him hate divorce and determined to end the cycle of divorce so that his kids would have a different experience. Unfortunately, for the Nkunzi actor, life had other plans.

Why Uzalo’s Nkunzi Is A “Softie” Family Man Who Hates Divorce In Real Life

Despite his best intentions, the Uzalo star revealed that he was currently living away from his children after going through a rough patch in his relationship with their mother. In an interview with TshisaLive some years ago, Masoja said,

“I really miss my kids‚ I miss all of those close to me. I see them when I come up to Johannesburg‚ like in December holidays. I am used to that because me and my siblings were raised by relatives. I would see them at Christmas time. I wanted the cycle to end with me. I have suffered and I thought it would end with me but I didn’t think it would happen to my children‚ that I would go through a series of divorces. It was beyond my control.”

Despite this small setback, it remains clear that Masoja is a good father who is always looking out for his children and desires the best for them. We wish him all the best with his family