Uzalo’s Actor Doesn’t Like Being Referred As Nkunzi’s Son

Uzalo Actor Despite Being Called Nkunzi’s Son

Wiseman Mncube

Well known talented actor Wiseman Mncube opened up about how it feels to meet up with fans. The actor joined Uzalo a few years back as the long lost son of Umashu’s feared gangster, populary known as Nkunzi.





Wiseman Mncube was well received by the viewers of the popular SABC 1 telenovela Uzalo, he portrays the role of Sbonelo who abandoned being a Doctor and chose to follow his father’s footsteps. The actor has had other roles on the small screens like the popular series Ehostela, even with all the accolades some fans still view him as Nkunzi’s son.

He posted on his social media in his Zulu language that he gets irritated when he is addressed as simply as the son of Nkuzi.

” “Yaah ngane kaNkunzi” Eyy ayikho into engicisha umoya nje ngaleyo shandisi”

The actor clearly posted that in good spirit, his fans reminded him that he will forever be known as Sbonelo from Uzalo, some went as far as reminding him that Connie Ferguson is still referred as Karabo Moroka by fans.

Aren’t we all guilty of calling our favorite actors and actresses by the roles they portray on TV?