Uzalo:Kwanda Was The Universally Adored But See What’s Going To Happen


It’s actual when they say all that sparkles isn’t gold. Kwanda was the universally adored. Everybody experienced passionate feelings for his personality due to the manner in which he treated Nonka. He seemed like such a pleasant person who cherished and really focused on her until he began to uncover his genuine nature. He ends up being somebody we won’t ever consider. Looks can trick.




He was only an entrepreneur, he saw an amazing chance to push his unlawful dealings through Nonka’s business.

Njeza is a genuine sibling and Nonka is fortunate to have a sibling like him. He is a legend for battling for her younger sibling. He just couldn’t tolerate backing and watch his younger sibling decay in prison for something she doesn’t know anything about. He is actually a mindful sibling. His family is his need.

That police have captured Kwanda. He shows no regret for how he treated Nonka. Ideally reality will become unavoidable and uncover that Nonka is blameless in all of this and clear her name. With respect to Kwanda this shows that wrongdoing doesn’t pay. He is currently in the slammer.

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