Uzalo|Kwanda comes face to face with his victims, Will Njeza survive tonight?



Njeza is on a serious mission to clear the name of her sister after she was arrested last week, due to drug smuggling in their business which is something that has been causing a lot of tension in the past weeks where Kwanda kidnapped Hleziphe.




But this time Kwanda has made a huge demand to his victims where he told them that they must bring those drugs that he lost to him, so that he can release Hleziphe who is brutally abused by this young man who is desperate to get what he wants.

But he must be aware that Njeza is getting help from his sister who might use police resources so that he can catch her, and it will be a hectic showdown between these two because Njeza is also having a terrible background, where he was arrested for killing his father and also he is working for the Magwazas.